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Massachusetts Workplace Explosions and Job Site Fires

One of the most violent and dangerous events that can happen at a Massachusetts work site or a Massachusetts construction site is a Massachusetts explosion accident or a Massachusetts fire. Many Massachusetts job sites store an abundance of chemicals. When chemicals under considerable pressure explode, or flammable materials ignite, the consequences can be devastating for any Massachusetts worker or other Massachusetts resident in the area. These consequences can range from more minor bodily injuries to loss of life, creating severe hardships for Massachusetts explosion accident victims and their families.

OSHA statistics show that several thousand industrial accident wrongful deaths occur in the United States each year. Massachusetts workplace explosions can occur at any time and any place where energy is contained under pressure. Any number of factors can contribute to Massachusetts explosion accidents. Massachusetts fuel tanks, Massachusetts gas lines, Massachusetts chemicals, Massachusetts boilers and Massachusetts ovens may all explode when volatile chemicals are mixed together or exposed to oxygen or moisture in the air. Add in the devastating effect of burning construction dust and it is no wonder that major Massachusetts construction site explosions can cause life-threatening injuries as a result of significant fires. The perils of these events may be worsened by the Massachusetts job site itself, as a Massachusetts construction explosion can lead to Massachusetts falls and equipment collisions.

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Injuries from Massachusetts construction site explosions and Massachusetts job site fires can be caused by flying debris coming directly from the Massachusetts explosion, by physical damage from the force of the blast and from subsequent injuries, such as Massachusetts chemical burns or respiratory damage. Massachusetts injuries associated with Massachusetts workplace explosions tend to come in various forms. Some of the most common injuries are catastrophic in nature. Massachusetts explosion accident injuries may deprive a Massachusetts worker of his or her autonomy and livelihood and many necessitate lifelong medical care. Massachusetts injuries resulting from Massachusetts construction site explosions include:

Massachusetts construction site explosions and other Massachusetts workplace explosions are often the result of third party negligence. The fires that are caused by these explosions can be devastating. Third party negligence can include design flaws in Massachusetts machinery, improper maintenance of machinery or a job site by outside Massachusetts contractors, inadequate instructions from the Massachusetts manufacturer and deficient safety supervision. An experienced Boston, Massachusetts explosion accident lawyer, Boston fire lawyer or Boston, Massachusetts wrongful death accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates knows that an immediate and thorough investigation must be conducted in order to locate all responsible third parties.

Our aggressive Boston explosion accident injury attorney specialists and Boston explosion accident wrongful death attorney specialists understand the dynamics and legal questions surrounding Massachusetts construction site explosions and job site fires and the resulting Massachusetts injuries. If you have been injured in a Massachusetts workplace accident, it is essential to properly assign liability, identify the various parties at fault, and seek appropriate and just financial compensation. Call a highly skilled Boston, MA explosion accident injury lawyer or Boston, MA wrongful death lawyer today at 617-787-3700 or email us at Your needs are our top priority!

Our Boston, Massachusetts burn injury attorneys and fire/explosion injury lawyers are national experts with regard to burn injury cases and claims arising from Massachusetts fire injuries or Massachusetts explosion accidents. Our Boston lawyers will represent you or your loved in your Massachusetts personal injury case with absolutely no charge to you for attorney’s fees and no charge for out-of-pocket costs unless we win your burn injury case arising from a fire or explosion incident. We do not receive any attorney’s fees, not one cent, unless we get you fair and just money damages for your or your loved one’s injuries.

Our Boston fire injuries law firm will receive a one-third contingent fee only out of the money that we recover for your burn injury damages and other injuries. In other words, our Boston explosion injury attorneys only get paid if you or your loved one gets money damages. In addition, our Boston personal injury fire accident and explosion accident lawyers do not charge our clients for any out-of-pocket costs unless we win your case. Out-of-pocket costs include, for example, administrative expenses and fees paid for obtaining copies of your medical records and bills. In most instances, these expenses are very small in comparison to the total settlement amount or other money damages that you recover.

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