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How Massachusetts Explosions Occur

An explosion is a rapid increase in volume combined with the release of energy in an extreme manner. Massachusetts explosions are usually characterized by the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases. In order for an explosion to occur, three conditions must be present: fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition. If one of these conditions is removed, an explosion cannot occur. When something explodes, a shock wave is created. If the shock wave is a supersonic detonation, the source of the explosion is considered a high explosive. Low explosives create subsonic shock waves through the slow burning process known as deflagration.

In order for Massachusetts explosions to occur, a potentially explosive atmosphere must exist. A potentially explosive atmosphere is a mixture of some type of combustible material and oxygen. Oxygen exists as a component of air and is present in most environments. Combustible materials can include gases, fluids, vapors, dusts and mists. Potentially explosive atmospheres are also known as flammable mixtures. Flammable mixtures or atmospheres can explode after being exposed to any source of ignition. The capacity for something to explode depends on the material itself and its properties, such as flammability and the method in which it mixes with air or oxygen. If the proportion of oxygen falls above a certain value, known as the oxygen limit concentration, then the mixture can be ignited and can cause an explosion.

Potentially explosive atmospheres can develop both intentionally and unintentionally. Intentional flammable mixtures are often present in Massachusetts industrial production processes due to the consistent interaction of combustible materials with ambient air. Many Massachusetts factories have areas where glues or paints are drying or being applied in the vicinity of gas tanks. Other places, such as Massachusetts mills, grind down a variety of combustible materials. Unintentional potentially explosive atmospheres are created when some sort of mechanical or other fault occurs. Some examples of unintentional explosive atmospheres are when a Massachusetts gas pipeline bursts, or when a Massachusetts outlet valve is unintentionally opened or leaks from boilers due to lack of appropriate servicing.

Explosions, by their very nature, frequently result in fires causing burn injuries. In addition, Massachusetts fires can also arise in many different environments and under a multitude of scenarios. Massachusetts fires can result from electrical malfunctions, defective products, a careless smoker, negligent supervision of existing fires and from many other causes. Massachusetts fires frequently cause injuries at homes, restaurants, construction sites, job sites, theaters, schools and many other venues.

When You or a Loved One Has Been Injured in a Fire or an Explosion Accident, You Need to Call Our Boston, MA Fire Accident Lawyer Specialists or Massachusetts Explosion Injury Attorney Experts Right Away. Our Massachusetts Burn Injury Attorneys Are Available 24/7.

It is critical that you or your loved one get in touch with one of our Boston, MA burn injury lawyers right away following a Massachusetts fire accident or a Massachusetts explosion incident. This should be done without trying to settle your own Massachusetts burn injury claim or even contacting any of the adverse parties regarding your fire incident or explosion accident.

When individuals, in the past, have acted against our advice and tried to work on or settle their Massachusetts burn injury claims without the guidance of one of our Boston burn injury lawyers, they have almost uniformly later requested assistance prior to settlement. In addition, frequently there are already serious negative issues with their injury cases because they have unknowingly and innocently harmed their own cases. The major reason is that the insurance company does not take the client as seriously who is not represented by competent counsel who knows how to fight for them. Insurance companies are fully cognizant that our Boston, MA burn injury attorneys know the law about Massachusetts fires and Massachusetts explosions and understand how much your or your loved one’s case is worth. In the event that you do not get the expert help of our highly experienced Boston, MA burn injury lawyers after a fire or an explosion, the Massachusetts insurance company simply does not face the possibility of a lawsuit for substantial money damages, and will seek to settle your Massachusetts personal injury claim for much less than it is worth.

For example, you may believe that a $50,000 settlement offer from a Massachusetts insurance company to resolve your Massachusetts explosion or fire accident personal injury case is fair, but the true value of your case may exceed $1,000,000. Typically, individuals that end up settling their own claims, with or without litigation, get only a small fraction of what our expert Boston burn injury lawyers would be able to recover for them in money damages.

Regardless of the cause of a Massachusetts explosion, the effects on its victims are always devastating. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Massachusetts explosion accident or a Massachusetts fire accident, you will need an expert Boston explosion accident injury lawyer or an expert Boston wrongful death lawyer to protect your legal rights. Call the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates at 617-787-3700 or email a qualified Boston, MA explosion personal injury attorney or Boston, MA wrongful death attorney today at

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