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Massachusetts Defective Product Explosions and Fires

The types of Massachusetts consumer products that can cause a Massachusetts explosion accident or a Massachusetts fire are surprisingly varied. When a Massachusetts manufacturer distributes a hazardous or otherwise unsafe Massachusetts product, or a Massachusetts company fails to add a fire risk warning label to their Massachusetts products, the results can be devastating. Massachusetts explosion accidents and Massachusetts fires arising out of negligence and careless mistakes can cause serious Massachusetts burn injuries and may even result in Massachusetts wrongful death.

Our expert Boston, MA product liability lawyers, Boston, MA explosion accident lawyers, Boston, MA fire injury attorneys and Boston, MA wrongful death attorneys have the knowledge and skills needed to obtain maximum compensation for the Massachusetts explosion accident injuries that you have sustained as a result of a defective Massachusetts product. Our Massachusetts defective product attorney specialists can pursue claims resulting from Massachusetts explosion accidents and Massachusetts fire accidents involving:

  • Massachusetts defective batteries
  • Massachusetts electrical boxes
  • Massachusetts fuel oil
  • Massachusetts gas cans
  • Massachusetts gas ovens
  • Massachusetts hot water heaters
  • Other Massachusetts dangerous products

When a Massachusetts worker or other Massachusetts resident is injured in a Massachusetts explosion or a Massachusetts fire caused by a Massachusetts defective product, he or she may have a meritorious Massachusetts product liability cause of action for money damages. Massachusetts product liability claims are not limited to the injured Massachusetts purchaser of the defective product; innocent bystanders who are injured by Massachusetts defective products may also have a valid Massachusetts product liability claim.

A Massachusetts products liability claim can be brought against the Massachusetts product manufacturer as well as the Massachusetts supplier, Massachusetts distributor or Massachusetts retailer of the defective Massachusetts product. Manufacturers and companies have a responsibility to add warning labels to products or machines that can explode under foreseeable circumstances. When a Massachusetts resident is injured because a warning label was missing or was inadequate, the expert Boston product liability explosion accident lawyers, expert Boston, MA defective product fire accident lawyers and expert Boston wrongful death explosion accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates can help you file a Massachusetts failure to warn lawsuit against the responsible party. Our expert team of Boston explosion accident personal injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate your Massachusetts explosion accident or Massachusetts fire and seek expert advice to build a solid case.

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In the event that you or your loved are called on the phone, receive a letter or are otherwise contacted by another person’s insurance company about your fire accident or explosion accident injuries, you should not speak with them. You may unintentionally hurt your case by doing so, which is the last thing that you want to do. It is crucial to your case that you only speak with our Boston, MA personal injury burn accident lawyers about your explosion or fire accident. Our Boston, MA fire injury lawyers will promptly contact the insurance company on your behalf and our Boston, MA explosion incident lawyers will take care of all of your legal needs. Our Massachusetts burn injury lawyers will also be sure to professionally handle all correspondence associated with your fire accident or explosion accident burn injury claim so that you can work on a speedy recovery from your injuries.

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