Yosemite National Park Fire Has Destroyed 134,000 Acres.

A massive wildfire in California has decimated approximately 234 square miles and is threatening the power and utilities systems of one of California’s largest cities, San Francisco.

The enormous fire started some time last week and spread at a rapid rate, fed by dry conditions and plenty of wood fuel. The fire has destroyed 23 structures so far, including a historic campsite, and is threatening hundreds more structures and thousands of people. Evacuations are in progress to ensure that human beings are not at risk of being trapped behind a wall of fire.

The fire has already damaged the power lines, power stations and other electrical equipment serving the city of San Francisco. California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency for the San Francisco metropolitan area and has forced the Public Utilities Commission of California to shut down power lines leading to the city. This weekend, the fire has moved within a few miles of the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, which provides most of the water used by San Francisco.

California is employing more than 8,300 firefighters, 12 helicopters and 6 fixed wing flying tankers to combat the massive fire. California authorities have announced on August 26th that the fire has been 15 percent contained, but that much more remains to be done until the fire is neutralized.

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