WWII Bomb Defused Near Railway in Berlin, Germany.

A 220-pound World War II bomb was discovered recently at a building site near the former border of East and West Berlin in Germany this past Tuesday night. Experts decided to defuse the bomb on-site, despite its close proximity to one of Berlin’s main railway stations.

The bomb, which was Soviet-made, was found at a former freight depot. The area was immediately evacuated and trains passing near the site were diverted.

In a 30-minute operation, German police sappers were able to defuse the bomb on Wednesday, while roughly 150 residents evacuated from the area waited at a nearby school.

The bomb is one of many unexploded bombs discovered in the ground because Allied planes dropped massive quantities of ordinance on Germany during the closing days of World War II. When discovered, these bombs are typically defused or detonated by sapper experts in controlled environments.

There have been a number of such discoveries in recent years. Last year, a war-era bomb was detonated in Munich, sparking several fires and causing many to be evacuated. In 2011, 45,000 people had to be evacuated from the city of Koblenz after a 1.8-ton bomb was discovered in the Rhine river.

Luckily, experts were able to control the detonation and no damage was caused by the explosion.

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