Texas High School Pep Rally Goes Awry When Explosion Severely Burns Student and Volunteer Firefighter.

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The band plays the school fight song.  Cheerleaders fly through the air.  Chants carry over hundreds of energetic students.  Teachers line the walls, slightly weary of the raucousness of the young crowd of adolescents before them.  These are the sights and sounds of a high school pep rally.  They are loud.  They are colorful.  They are a rallying cry and a burst of pride for small towns in rural America.  But sometimes, if things are taken to the extreme, a pep rally can turn into a nightmare.

On September 25, 2013, the Mineral Wells High School in Texas was hosting its first pep rally of the year.  The homecoming football game against the school’s arch rival was the following night, and the student body was coming to life in anticipation of the gridiron battle.  Unfortunately, the joy of the celebration was marred by a terrible accident that hospitalized one student and a volunteer firefighter.  Both suffered first degree burns.

The pep rally, which was taking place outside the school, began shortly after several students stacked wooden pallets in a parking lot next to several dumpsters.  When the fire was ready to be ignited, the student and the firefighter approached the pallets carrying a lighted propane torch.  The firefighter was carrying a bottle of propane gas to fuel the fire.  Unbeknownst to the student and firefighter, however, the pallets had already been doused in gasoline by the fire department some hours before.  The propane gas, therefore, created a highly combustible mix that exploded in a gigantic ball of flames when it was lit.

Despite the large crowd of students in the area, only one student and one firefighter were injured.  They suffered first degree burns but were released from the Palo Pinto General Hospital later that same night.

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