NY Man Files $2 Million Lawsuit After He Is Burned In Gas Explosion.

Gas leaks, boilers, explosives, chemical dust and electrical malfunction are common causes of fires and explosions in homes. Such explosions can cause expansive structural and personal injury damages. If you have been injured in a fire or gas explosion, several different parties may be liable for your injuries. If you have been injured in an explosion, please call 617-787-3700 or email us at info@gilhoylaw.com. Our expert Boston personal injury attorneys will fight hard to hold all liable parties responsible for the injuries they’ve caused you.

A New York man is suing the city, the fire department, and National Grid after he was badly burned in a gas explosion back in January. He seeks $2 million in damages for his injuries.

Staten Island resident, Charles Caccese, called the New York City Fire Department when he smelled gas inside his home. When firefighters arrived at his house, Caccese was standing outside. The firefighters asked Caccese to go back inside and to show them where the smell of gas was coming from. Upon taking the firefighters into his basement, Caccese pulled several times on a chain cord light in the basement to illuminate the basement for the firefighters. It was at that time that the natural gas, which had been pooling in Caccese’s basement, exploded. The 7 p.m. explosion caused the evacuation of homes within several blocks.

Caccese sustained second and third degree burns on his hands and face as a result, and the explosion destroyed his home. In addition to his economic and physical injuries, he allegedly also suffers severe emotional trauma, resulting in his inability to sleep.

Caccese’s lawsuit alleges that the defendants were negligent in their failure to design and maintain the gas lines, and that they failed to properly investigate the gas leak. Caccese believes his injuries would have been avoided had he not been asked by firefighters to return to the house.

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