Georgia Plant Explosion Injures Five Workers.

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Transporting and storing hazardous chemicals can be extremely dangerous.  Companies and individuals that do so on a daily basis are held to a high standard of care to take every precaution necessary in order to prevent harm and toxic exposure.  When an incident does occur, it can often have a catastrophic result.

Officials are investigating one such recent catastrophe after a Bonnell plant exploded, seriously injuring five of the employees that were on the scene.  The 500,000 square foot plant prepares and fabricates aluminum and recently had a an explosion that was heard by every resident of Newnan, Georgia.  According to, the explosion tore a hole through the roof of the plant and could be heard in several neighboring towns.

Reports state that five employees were injured due to the explosion.  Two of them were treated at the scene, while one injured worker was taken by helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center; two others were taken to a local hospital. The area was evacuated, but reports suggest that there is no immediate concern for hazardous material substances or chemicals.  The cause and circumstances of the explosion are under investigation, but if the plant is found to have negligently caused the explosion, it may be liable to the workers for the injuries they sustained.

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