Fourteen Dead After Industrial Explosion Rips Through Small Town In China.

Deadly industrial accidents are becoming all too common in China, as the nation has continued to embrace a process of rapid industrialization. While industrial accidents are far less common in the United States, that does not mean that they never happen. Laws and regulations have been put in place to help make sure that factories throughout the States keep up their safety protocols to specific levels. If they don’t, and you are injured in an explosion due to the negligence of those in charge, you may be entitled to substantial compensation to help with your lost wages, medical bills, and damages for your pain and suffering.

A suspected industrial explosion tore through a small town in northwest China this past week, leaving at least 14 people dead and almost 150 injured. This explosion created a crater that was several feet deep in the street and shattered the windows of a nearby hospital and kindergarten. The blast rocked the Xinmin township of Fugu county, in the Shaanxi province, China, around 2 p.m. their local time. Some of the wounded were seen fleeing the scene covered in blood, while six people were pulled from rubble in the explosion’s immediate aftermath. Investigators believe the likely cause of the blast was improperly stored chemicals in a steel hut used by a local construction crew.

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