Explosion Rocks Indian Navy Submarine Causing Deaths Of Some Crew Members.

On Wednesday August 14, 2013, an explosion accident occurred in the crew area of the INS Sindhurakshak, a Russian-made nuclear submarine commissioned by the Indian Navy.

The nuclear submarine, which is currently docked in the navy marine base in Mumbai, was the site of a devastating internal explosion accident just after midnight this past Wednesday. The crew consisting of 18 people has since become trapped in the submarine. At least a few of the crew members have died in the explosion, according to the Indian navy spokesperson. The spokesperson has also indicated that a rescue is underway to free the crew members who remain alive. Three individuals who were near the submarine at the time of the explosion have received treatment for personal injuries.

A cause of the accident has not yet been established, but an investigation is underway. While the Indian navy has not ruled out terrorism or sabotage as a cause, it is being considered to be extremely unlikely. The spokesperson has stated that the explosion was most likely an accident. The accident could occur in any number of situations aboard the ship, which contains explosives, oxygen, hydrogen and where the smallest mistake could lead to catastrophe.

The explosion accident aboard the INS Sindhurakshak has raised the unhappy memories of the 2000 explosion accident that sank the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk and resulted in the deaths of its entire crew.

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