Springfield, MA Explosion Damages Strip Club.

On November 23, 2012, a gas explosion in Springfield, Massachusetts damages the Scores Gentlemen’s Club, a local striptease club, and 41 other buildings near the scene of the gas rupture.

A gas employee who was working apparently caused the explosion accident to happen.  The employee followed previously made markings on the sidewalks that were supposed to indicate the location of the underground gas line.  The markings were inaccurate, and this caused the employee to accidentally pierce the gas pipe, which caused the explosion.

Over 20 people sustained personal injuries from the massive explosion.  As of now, no one has died from his or her personal injuries.  Many victims have already filed claims with Springfield City Hall in order to recover damages.

State Fire Marshall Stephen Coan gave a statement attributing the explosion accident to human error.  The president of Columbia Gas Co., Steve Bryant, issued a statement saying that the employee involved followed all the correct protocols necessary for the job.

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