Explosion at ConEd Power Station in NYC Threatens Days of Darkness.

An explosion at a Consolidated Edison (ConEd) power station on 14th Street in New York City’s Midtown district is now threatening days of darkness for residents of lower Manhattan.

ConEd, the power provider for New York City, has scrambled its repair crews to attempt to fix the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. However, many residents of NYC remain in the dark while they are waiting for the damage to be repaired.

ConEd had originally planned to control shutdowns, but the explosion at one of its power stations threw a wrench into those plans.

Nearly 250,000 homes and businesses in Manhattan were without power as of 2 p.m. on Tuesday, most of which were below 39th Street in Midtown.

Representatives from ConEd expect that those residents and businesses without power should have their power turned back on within a period of four days, as they work to fix the underground electrical equipment. Those served by overhead power lines may be without power for over a week.

According to official estimates, one quarter of the buildings in New York City remain without power.

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