E-Cigarette Explodes Injuring Busy Barmaid.

Eighteen-year-old Laura Baty was waiting on a customer at the Buck Inn Hotel Bar in North Yorks when she heard a loud bang and suddenly realized she was on fire. An e-cigarette that had been charging behind the bar unexpectedly exploded, shot toward the busy barmaid and singed her arms and dress.

The e-cigarette transformed into a flaming projectile, scorching Baty’s arms and setting her dress on fire. The e-cigarette landed on the floor, where it left a scorch mark on the tiles before burning itself out completely. A customer who witnessed the terrifying incident rushed to Baty’s aid. The customer brought Baty to the bathroom to calm her down and wash up her arm, which was black with singe marks.

The e-cigarette belonged to barman Stewart Paterson. The 21-year-old had been using his iPad charger to charge the electronic cigarette, something he did countless times before. He described the explosion as sounding like a firework and looking like a flying ball of flame. Fortunately no one was serious hurt.

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