Fireworks Explosion Accident Injures Two In Massachusetts.

Although residents of Massachusetts cannot legally possess fireworks, the wide availability and legality of such possession in nearby states of Connecticut and New Hampshire makes the Massachusetts prohibition difficult to enforce. A fireworks related accident this past weekend resulted in two people suffering serious personal injuries in Abington, Massachusetts.

A seventeen year-old boy was injured when a small “commercial-grade” firework exploded in his hand, according to the Abington Fire Chief John Nuttall. The explosion occurred outside an apartment in the Woodlands apartment complex. A 31 year-old man was also injured by the exploding firework.

The injured teenager was rushed to the emergency room at the Massachusetts General Hospital with a “severe hand injury.” The man was taken to the emergency room of a nearby Brockton hospital with minor personal injuries.

Local law enforcement officials evacuated the neighbors following the explosion accident and attempted to determine whether the building sustained structural damage. The officials remind residents of Massachusetts that fireworks are illegal for a good reason.

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