Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Keg Explosion Death At New Hampshire Brewery.

In April 2012, a Redhook Ale Brewery employee was emptying a plastic keg containing pressurized air when the keg exploded, causing him to suffer severe injuries. 

The employee, Benjamin Harris of Newington, NH, eventually died of those injuries.

Now, Harris’s sister, M. Christina Kettering, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on her brother’s behalf, alleging that the companies that manufactured and sold the plastic keg were negligent.  Kettering alleges that the these companies were negligent at several stages of the manufacturing and distribution process, saying that the keg was negligently designed, did not include adequate safety warnings and featured a malfunctioning safety device that failed to prevent overpressurization of the keg.

Kettering’s suit names Keg maker Plastic Kegs of America, distributor Satellite Logistics Group, and safety device maker Medway Plastics Corporation as defendants, and seeks an unspecified amount of wrongful death damages.

Redhook Ale Brewery is located in Portsmouth, NH.

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