Van Blows Up in Florida Parking Lot.

Explosions and fires can scar, kill and often reap devastation in the United States. In the aftermath of such an explosion, the events often take a devastating physical and emotional toll on victims and their families. If you or a loved one have been a victim of an explosion and have suffered grave injuries, please call our Massachusetts explosion and fire attorney specialists at 617-787-3700 or email us at Our expert attorneys will work with great care and diligence to ensure you get the maximum amount of money available under the law. Your needs are our top priority!

Nathan Tucker, age 21, was driving his car around Cape Coral, Florida when it began acting funny. He drove to an automotive parts store with his family to look for parts that he would need to fix his car. While he was examining the engine underneath the hood, along with an AutoZone employee, the van next to his car exploded.

The van alongside Mr. Tucker’s car was a work van for an air conditioning company. The company name was “Conditioned Air.” After the explosion, Mr. Tucker quickly moved his family, who were waiting inside of the car, away from the area.

The back doors of the van burst open because of the explosion. The van’s roof detached from its side and expanded like a balloon. Glass was spread all over the area of the parking lot, and debris fell from the air. Mr. Tucker also saw a tank in flames burst out of the back of the van.

Fortunately, the van’s driver was able to get away without being injured. Firefighters from the Cape Coral Fire and Rescue Battalion are investigating the explosion, and believe it is likely that there was gas in the van and that something caused the gas to spark.

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