Missouri State Agency Releases Report On Burn Injuries Caused By Fireworks Explosions.

The Missouri Burn Injury Reporting System, which tracks serious burn and fire accidents resulting in injuries across the state, has made inquiries which prompted the Missouri State Fire Marshall’s Office to investigate injuries involving exploding fireworks.

In its report, the Fire Marshall’s Office indicates that individuals using fireworks often mishandle them resulting in burn injuries ranging from minor to very severe. A particular concern appears to be with children and young adults using fireworks in an inappropriate and dangerous manner.

While the danger of using fireworks and the way that some people mishandle them is well known, the Missouri Fire Marshall’s report suggests for the first time placing very strong restrictions on sale of fireworks or perhaps even banning the novelty altogether as some other states have done.

The Fire Marshall cites cases of youngsters loading mortar-type launchers with pounds of legally purchased gunpowder to create massive explosions that resulted in crippling injuries.

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