Illinois Propane Tanker Crash Results in Fatal Explosion Accident.

Illinois State Police have identified Mickey E. Clayton, 55, of Franklin, Illinois, as the driver of the propane tanker truck that was killed in an explosion accident with a coal truck in Illinois this past Tuesday afternoon.

Police say that a coal truck being driven by Randy Edwards, 48, of Pinckneyville, IL, crashed into Clayton’s propane tanker truck on County Line Road, just north of Willisville, IL. The truck accident occurred just before 2:30 p.m. this past Tuesday.

Witnesses say that the propane truck exploded upon impact, shooting flames roughly 30 feet into the air. More than 40 firefighters battled the resulting blaze, which was reignited by a second explosion roughly an hour after the initial motor vehicle accident.

Clayton was killed instantly in the crash and the explosion, while Edwards was able to escape uninjured.

Authorities are now investigating the wrongful death explosion accident to determine what may have caused the trucks to collide.

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