House Fire Leaves 5 Dead and Two Injured.

This past weekend, an horrific house fire in Pendleton, Oregon has resulted in the deaths of five individuals and left two others hospitalized and in critical condition.

Local investigators searched through the rubble of the Pendleton home on Monday morning, after it had reportedly burned to the ground the day before. The cause of the blaze remains undetermined, but the police did report that five people were killed and two seriously injured. Among the dead were three children. The exact identities of the injured and deceased were not yet released, but local media is reporting that they were not all from one family.

The two injured survivors on breathing tubes at a Portland-area hospital and remain in critical condition.  Given their condition, investigators have not been able to interview them.

In response to questions as to why the investigation did not begin immediately after authorities arrived on the scene, police stated it would have been too dangerous to search the house at night. The two story house was built during the-turn-of-the-century, had minimal insulation, and probably burned incredibly rapidly.

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