Family Of Woman Killed In Ewing Gas Explosion Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

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The family of 62-year-old Linda Cerritelli has filed a lawsuit against PSE&G electrical company and Henkels & McCoy contracting after she was killed in a wholly preventable gas explosion at the beginning of March. The gas explosion killed Cerritelli and injured seven others. The explosion also damaged or destroyed fifty-five Ewing Township homes.

The explosion occurred at the culmination of several preventable mistakes made by electrical and construction crews. First, yellow flags were supposed to mark where the electrical line was, so that crews would avoid the pipes during their work on the land. Sadly, the electrical line took a turn that crews did not account for. That was when contractors with Henkels & McCoy pierced the pipe. Although workers immediately realized the damage, they failed to report the mistake for nearly two hours. During that hour time lapse, crews could have begun an evacuation of the homes or turned off power to the neighborhood, but none of this was done. The lawsuit alleges negligent and reckless conduct by the utility and the contractor.

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