Factory Explosion Accident Injures Three Workers In Iowa.

A small explosion early Monday morning at the Norplex-Micarta composite laminates plant in Postville, Iowa has left three workers injured. Local authorities have assessed the explosion to be the result of an unfortunate accident.

An initial investigation has revealed that the blast occurred while several of the employees were cleaning equipment. The investigators have not yet pinpointed the exact location or cause of the explosion.

Firefighters were at the  scene of the explosion accident within minutes. Fortunately, the factory’s sprinkler system was able to contain the fire caused by the blast, so there was minimal damage and risk to the emergency responders. Firefighters immediately turned off the natural gas valves to prevent further fires and explosions from sparking.

One worker who sustained substantial burn injuries was flown to a burn unit in Iowa City. His exact condition is presently unknown, but Postville Fire Chief Jeffrey Bohr has made a statement that the worker’s condition is improving.

Another employee was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries and released that same day. A third employee who was injured in the explosion accident has refused hospital treatment.

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