Crude Oil Train Explodes in Alabama; No Personal Injuries Reported.

A 90-car tanker train carrying crude oil from the Bakken Shale Patch in North Dakota derailed and caught on fire in the early morning hours of Friday, November 8, 2013 near Aliceville, Alabama. Local authorities report that there were no personal injuries in the accident.

Although the cause of the derailment remains unclear, the owners of the train, Genesee & Wyoming, stated that 20 cars derailed and several dozen caught on fire. 11 cars will be allowed to burn down in the interests of safety, because attempting to stop the fire in these cars is actually more dangerous than letting them burn. The train company has also reported that no major environmental contamination is expected from the fire accident.

This crude oil transport explosion and fire accident appears very similar to the Canadian train derailment and explosion accident which resulted in 47 deaths this past summer. That accident has sparked legislation in Canada and debate in the United States about the safety of oil transport by rail, which has been increasing since the domestic expansion of shale oil production.

According to a spokesperson for the train company, National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Railroad Administration and National Crisis Response Center have been notified of the explosion accident and a federal investigation will likely ensue.

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