Burger King Employee Settles Personal Injury Lawsuit For $4 Million After Being Injured By Grease Explosion.

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There are roughly 3.7 million fast food restaurant employees across America. It is often a part-time position for teenagers and is not generally regarded as being dangerous.  There are, however, inherent risks with every profession.  Fast food employees are surrounded by sharp knives, boiling oil, greasy floors, and a myriad of other dangers.  When proper safety precautions are not followed, serious injuries can occur.

This was unfortunately the scenario for Brittany Krollman, a teenage employee at a Burger King in West Seneca, New York.  Krollman was severely injured after an aerosol can fell into a grease filter machine, causing it to explode.  Krollman was standing nearby and was covered in 350 degree cooking oil as a result of the explosion, permanently scarring and burning her skin.  Krollman underwent five surgeries and still has scarring on a considerable portion of her body.

Krollman filed a personal injury lawsuit against her employer, arguing that they failed to provide a safe work environment.  Her attorney, Craig Watson, argued that the grease filter was defective, and that the restaurant lacked proper training and operating procedures for the device.  Burger King representatives agreed to pay Krollman a total of $4 million for her medical expenses, pain and suffering and serious injuries.

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