11 Suffer Wrongful Deaths, 17 Injured, in Horrific Explosion Accident at Chinese Fireworks Factory.

An explosion accident this past Friday, November 1, 2013, reduced a fireworks factory in the southern Chinese city of Cenxi into a pile of rubble. Eleven workers were killed in the blast, while 17 others sustained personal injuries of varying degrees.

The factory in Cenxi, located in the autonomous region of Guangxi, employed mostly female workers. They primarily assembled fireworks fuses at their work stations. The workers were at their stations when a huge explosion tore through the small building. The explosion leveled the factory building, shook nearby buildings and blasted the windows out of several other nearby structures. All that was left of the factory after the explosion was a pile of concrete blocks and red fireworks cartridges.

11 workers, all of them women, died in the explosion accident. 17 other workers are in nearby hospitals with personal injuries of varying severity.

Chinese officials have stated that the accident was caused during “machine maintenance.” They declined to elaborate, citing the ongoing investigation. The manager of the factory and the factory’s legal representative have been arrested in connection with the explosion accident.

Enforcement and implementation of workplace safety regulations in China is extremely lax. Factory managers often make a cost decision on whether to follow the prescribed regulations or not.

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